Professional Development

December 4 – Raine Maggio & Robin Young
December 5 – Kristina Snow & Angie House
December 6 – Brian Bushart & Becky Donald
December 7 – Regina Payne & Lora Darden
December 8 – Ami Uselman & Chris Nieto

Ami Uselman

“Ami inspires, motivates, encourages, supports, leads with vision, and has high expectations for every individual in our department. She puts students and learning first, and pushes us to be among the most innovative, caring and effective librarians in the field.” ~Emily Kuperssztoch

Regina Payne

“Regina is one of the hardest working, most knowledgeable individuals I have ever had a chance to work with. She goes so far above and beyond with helping – be it in working with the grade level curriculum teams or a specific question addressed to her. I realize that people can be replaced, but in my opinion, Regina is the person who comes the closest I have ever known to being irreplaceable.” ~ Daniel Brillhart

Brian Bushart

“Any moment you are lucky enough to be with Brian should be treasured. You know you will learn and change your way of thinking. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t hang on every word he says.” ~ Prairie James

Kristina Snow

“From the first RRockStar meeting, Kristina made us all feel welcome and valued. She modeled what it means to create a supportive learning community for us as future administrators.” ~ Andrea Orluski

Raine Maggio

“Raine provides the pinnacle of motivating support- allowing the teacher to create from her own mind and then have the satisfaction of seeing it realized. She does this by being extremely collaborative and providing whatever is needed at the time – the structure or frame needed for an idea, or taking an idea deeper; whatever is needed to give shape and achieve the goal.” ~ Autumn Matcek

Chris Nieto

“Chris is always positive in his response. He is knowledgeable and helpful, funny and kind. I always walk away/hang up with a smile and a problem solved.” ~Julie Scully

Lora Darden

Lora Darden leads with grace! She is a shining example of a leader who is always learning and sharing her new knowledge. She empowers others through her supportive, encouraging words to think big and take risks.” ~ Emily Faggard

Becky Donald

In the 20+ years I’ve worked with Becky, her dedication and expertise continue to amaze and inspire me. She is ALWAYS concerned about what is best for students, and she ALWAYS works with everyone involved with kindness and respect.” ~ Peggy Mica

Angie House

“Angie House goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need (knowledge and resources) to give my students what they need. She helps me be my best self, a better teacher for my 3rd graders.” ~ Amy Kasiske

Robin Young

“​Robin has amazing ideas and is always willing to share them with others. She is a voice of reason when you need to run an idea or an e-mail by someone before presenting it, and she is a joy to work with. I’m a better educator because I have the privilege of working with Robin​.” ~ Shannon Sieber

Updated August 17, 2017

Every Round Rock ISD employee is required to complete eight (8) RRISD-created modules, the employee handbook quiz and KnowBe4‘s Network Security Awareness training. The KnowBe4 Ransomware training is optional and not required. Please check your email for instructions from KnowBe4 and the Network Security Awareness training.

Access RRISD Compliance Modules

The 2017-18 Round Rock ISD Employee Handbook is now available. This year, there is a short quiz required of all staff concerning content found in the handbook. Please go to the Employee Handbook Quiz and Compliance modules. Student teachers and substitute teachers are not required to complete the quiz.

The initial deadline for the All-Staff Modules and Network Security Training is Friday, September 29, 2017.

The initial deadline for the Handbook Quiz is Friday, October 13, 2017.

Required for Specific Staff

Round Rock ISD is currently reviewing Suicide Prevention Awareness Training programs for all RRISD full-time campus-based educators. Educational Assistants are not required to complete this training. As soon as a training program has been selected, we will email campuses, as well as post on our website.

Science Teachers

Art Teachers

Kiln Safety training is required annually for all Art teachers. New Kiln Safety training will be published in August. Please check periodically.

Access Kiln Safety Training

Click the image above for more information on the University of Texas Principalship Program.


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Recommended MOOCs

Check Out This Self-Paced Inquiry-Based Learning Course

Inquiry-based learning aims to increase student engagement by helping learners develop hands-on, minds-on skills. This education and teacher training course explores the 5E instructional model and its uses in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to learn from videos of classroom teachers modeling a 5E lesson and access teacher commentary as they use inquiry-based strategies with their students. As a result, you will develop the skills and strategies needed to implement inquiry-based instruction in your own classroom.

An inquiry-based approach honors the complex work of learning. It prioritizes the knowledge and experience that students bring to the classroom and it promotes active problem solving, communication, and the shared construction of new ideas. Inquiry-based instruction is the foundation for the UTeach model. This education course serves as a useful introduction to this approach.

Enroll Now

Online Resources

Productivity Course

The Apps Show

The Professional Development Department is excited to announce the introduction of Training for Google Apps—a virtual coach and guide for using you Round Rock ISD Google Apps account. Training for Google Apps is a Google Chrome extension that provides users a personal training experience on common uses of Google’s suite of applications. Excellent for those users who are brand new to the application and would like to learn key tasks, such as sending an email, and for those users who are more experienced and need assistance with more advanced tasks, such as setting up labels.

Training for Google Apps is integrated into Google in a way that provides a training experience like no other. Need assistance sending an email? With Training for Google Apps, users will be guided through the task visually from start to finish—all without leaving the application.

Ready to install? Visit the following to get started:
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Set up in-app training for Google App

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